Knowledge Platform

The GST Network aims to fill persistent information gaps in understanding the importance of gender and social inclusion issues within trade and investment policy making and programming. The GST Network has developed an initial database of knowledge products to be discussed, shared and disseminated which can be filtered by category, as outlined below. This is a living database that will be updated as new materials become available. If there is something you would like added to the database, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Training resources: Entries include actual course materials for the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes that address gender equality in international trade. UNCTAD is the main but not the only provider of training materials.

Background materials: Wide range of briefing materials, substantive analytical studies and access to data on the relation between trade and gender equality assisting those seeking a deeper understanding of the justification for and challenges to formulating and implementing gender and trade policies.

Development organisations: Mission statements or objectives in respect of gender equality as defined by intergovernmental international, multilateral, or regional organisations engaged in making or advising on policies for economic development.

Associations and NGOs: Selected civil society organisations’ positions on GESI and trade, information on the main global and regional networks and international NGOs motivated by gender equality as a rights-based concern in the field of trade, and information on international business associations which seek to promote women’s small and medium scale engagement in international trading.

GST - Working Group

The Gender, Social Inclusion and Trade Working Group is embedded in the GESI strategy implementation grant hosted by TAF2+ and funded by UK aid from the UK Government. Activities are implemented by BKP Economic Advisors.

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